Follow this critical analysis of the Male Condom and Female Contraception and the Orgasm/Ejaculation.
- Men were not born with a semen-catching condom on their phallus, nor were women born with the natural ability that does not require a contraceptive, that is, to make their bodies prevent pregnancy in the event that semen is ejaculated during intercourse.
- Therefore, both the condom and oral contraceptives(and all other contraceptives) are unnatural because they are not original.
- This must mean that semen is not originally meant to be caught in an external medium, like a condom, nor prevented by other contraception, because they are added later; the male human body does not already have a condom on it when it is born nor does it ever develop one. Also, this must mean that the female was not originally meant to participate in using contraceptives(in all of their forms).
-Therefore: Condoms and all contraceptive methods are unnatrual; they are not supposed to be used because they are not original.
- Since this a possible result, that is, not wearing a male condom, we have come to this conclusion that the reason for this is that semen is not supposed to be ejactualted and then collected in a condom, because this act requires a condom which is unnatural.
- If semen is not meant to be ejactualted and collected in a condom becuase the phallus was not created with a condom already on it originally, and therefore condoms are unnatural, is semen supposed to be ejaculated?
- What happens if the male refrains from ejactualtion?
- As a society, have we seriously questioned the act of ejaculation/orgasm? Have we researched the result(s) of the sexual act that refrains from orgasm(male+female)?
- Do we know what whould happen to the male(or female) person who refrains from ejaculation(orgasm) their whole life?
- Since it is possible that the male can choose not to ejaculate or orgasm, this must also be true for the female. Therefore, for all people the orgasm is a choice.
- Since avoidance of orgasm is a possible original sexual behavior, since the methods to prevent its consequences are unnatural(contraceptives), because they are not original, what are the consequences of total avoidance of the orgasm?
- First we can know that the male can choose not to ejaculate in this way, so, there can be no pregnancy in the female; therefore no condom is needed to catch semen, and also there is no need for the female to use oral contraceptives nor any other form of contraceptive becuase the male will not act sexually to ejaculate/orgasm.
- Since orgasm is a choice for all people, why should we reject orgasm since it is possible that rejecting the orgasm is a more likely original sexual behavior given that originally there were no contraceptive methods?
-The orgasm/ejaculation justifies the existence of all contraceptive methods.
-If the orgasm/ejaculation is avoided, there is no justification for contraceptive methods(that is, to prevent pregnancy, we are not talking of sexually transmitted diseases here).
-Finally, given that all contraceptive methods are unnatural because they are not original, and a lot of them are very new to humanity, it seems to be true that the original method of contraception was to totally avoid the orgasm/ejaculation from the male body.
- Since rejection of the orgasm/ejaculation seems to be an original possible sexual behavior for the male, becuase originally there were no modern forms of unnatural contraceptives, this must mean that originally it is possible that the female also avoided the orgasm and can do so.
- Why?
- Orgasms must produce the desire for more, since they are known for their pleasure-inducing effects, and people desire what is pleasurable. This is why the act of orgasm is popular, also becuase the ejaculation can make the female pregnant, this is obvious, for the multiplication of the species, is why people choose to do it.
- Since the sexual act with orgasm/ejaculation is most popularly seen as the primary method to procreate the human species, and it also is seen as a way to enjoy pleasure, since we have come to the conclusion that the orgasm is a choice, and that the avoidance of the orgasm can be a natural original sexual behavior, since the sexual energy is not being used for orgasm/ejaculation, what will the “saved” sexual energy be used for in the male and female when they totally refrain from the orgasm/ejaculation(their entire lives, because this can be a possibility)?
Since we know that contraceptives are unnatural and are not original, we can say that the orgasm/ejaculation is also not original and is unnatural because if it were, the contrceptive methods such as the male condom and oral contraceptives(among many others) would have been natural in the male and in the female.
Ejaculation is mandatory for animals. They have no willpower/choice to avoid it.
Since we have that choice, are we supposed to act sexually just like the animals do? Are we animals? Are we supposed to be animals(sexually)?
What we know is that the orgasm/ejaculation is a choice.
All choices have consequences.
What is the consequence of totally avoiding the orgasm/ejaculation?
Obviously, related to this blog(The Perfect Solution to Suffering), the consequences are sexual(SPIRITUAL), but different.
Since the sexual energy is saved, and since sex is intended to CREATE, something must be created within the person who avoids the orgasm, just like something is created when a woman is pregnant from the possible unnatural act of receiving ejaculated semen, which is the creation of a physical body.
It must then be possible to create with the sexual energy without using it for orgasm/ejaculation.
The fact is that SPIRITUAL BIRTH is the result of the total avoidance of the orgasm/ejacuation during the entire life.
The reality is that the original purpose of sexual energy was for Pure Spiritual Purposes, that up until 1950 were kept secret from humanity, for reasons of sanctity, primarily the act of totally avoiding the orgasm/ejaculation.
This method of avoiding the orgasm is actually the original sexual act, because the person uses their willpower to create spiritually with the sexual energy instead of excreting it for pleasure and procreation only through the orgasm.
What we need to learn is why to choose not to orgasm/ejaculate, and the reason why not to is purely SPIRITUAL, and is in accordance withe the Law, the Law that has to be obeyed in order for Spiritual Birth to happen.
This is secretly taught in all authentic religions as taught to us publicly by Samael Aun Weor in his first book, “The Perfect Matrimony” 1950.
This is the true distinction between what the Bible calls THE GREAT WHORE and CHILDREN OF GOD, those who are BORN AGAIN OF THE SPIRIT.
The Great Whore is the humanity who accepts the orgasm.
The People of God are those who avoid the orgasm and use the sexual act for Spiritual Birth.
This science is otherwise known as Sexual Magic, White Tantra, Sexual Alchemy, the Science of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil(Daath, Gnosis, Dharma, Truth).
If you would like to learn more, read Samael Aun Weor’s many books on the topic.
If people avoided the orgasm since the beginning, and kept the vow of one woman to one man, and avoided the orgasm, would there be any sexually transmitted diseases?
Obviously, we will have to learn too that the Immacualte Conception of the Virgin is possible by the power of God when the married couple obeys the sexual Law.(Read Samael’s Books, esp. Christ and the Virgin)
— Philosophical dissection of sexual behavior with the purpose of highlighting the fact that the avoidance of the orgasm is an original sexual behavior because it can be original and natural and it is a choice.
When you become really angry, anger inflames you. It takes over your thinking, your feeling, even your body. You can become tense, you can sweat, you can feel hot. You can feel ready to run and jump, grab somebody and give them a beating, whatever it is that that anger wants. Your heart will race and pound. Your mind will race with thoughts of injustice, and planning for revenge, and redemption, and exposing the other person—‘so that they suffer the way that I’m suffering!’ Everything that anger always wants.
That state shows that you have zero comprehension of that anger, because it has inflamed you completely. You’re burning with it; that means no comprehension. That means that anger can’t die, because you’re feeding it, you’re nourishing it with your energy.
As you study it, and as that event unfolds, and you work in meditation and self-observation to work on understanding that anger, what it’s coming from, why it’s there, how you’ve empowered it, and the suffering that it causes, little by little, those three levels of intensity will decrease. Thoughts, emotions, physical sensations: they will all lessen. Until that same type of scene happens, that simulated that anger in the first place, that event happens again, but you don’t feel angry. You might feel a little kick, but then you realize, ‘Well, why should I be angry? I really understood this already. I know that I don’t need to be angry about this. So the person called me a name, so what? Their name only means something if I agree that it means something.’ Isn’t it true?
If my spouse says I’m an idiot, and she’s right, why should I be mad? I am an idiot. But if I get angry, it’s because I disagree, because of pride. So then I’ve got anger and pride. But if she says it, and I’m like, ‘Yeah, she’s right,’ anger is not stimulated. That means that anger is empty. I’ve recognized the truth of it. I’ve seen that that anger is nothing. It doesn’t bother me. Then, that anger can die.

Gnostic Instructor (via thatwhichdoesnotsuffer)

This is so important, we need comprehension in our hearts, not just knowledge.

(via thatwhichdoesnotsuffer)

Stop War everywhere, forgive everything and just stop.

Stop War everywhere, forgive everything and just stop.


Only Love can bring world peace

This is an extraordinary explanation of why war never brings peace

It is necessary to know that humanity lives with its consciousness asleep. People work asleep. People walk through the streets asleep. People live and die asleep.
When we come to the conclusion that the entire world lives asleep, then we comprehend the necessity of awakening. We need the awakening of consciousness. We want the awakening of consciousness.

S p i r i t u a l  Awakening.

Samael Aun Weor, “The Perfect Matrimony" Chapter 16: The Awakening of Consciousness"

What is the value of a judgment of someone or of information made by the crude, evil ego?
As if we can know a person truly only by whether or not they bring us pleasure or pain…
What if we are beyond pleasure and pain?
Our judgments and knowledge will totally change.
We’ll be much closer to the Truth.
Only connection with the Divine is going to fill my loneliness. — This is universally true for every person everywhere.
This is the meaning of Religion, of Yoga, to unite with Divinity.
Beautiful things, places, people, ideas, thoughts and emotions, and the like, are beautiful to me based on my ideas and feelings about what the beautiful is, on how I was rasied, and by how society has shaped parts of my discernment.
These are all subjective influences though, they are my opinions based on very limited sense perceptions which are then filtered by my unwise, limited mind.
How much more beautiful then would it be to witness the pure Origin of Beauty itself?
Beyond all of the limited filters?
It can’t be communicated, only experienced.
Awareness is unattached and unshaken. It is lucid, silent, peaceful, alert and unafraid, without desire and fear. Meditate on it as your true being and try to be it in your daily life, and you shall realize it in its fullness. — Nisargadatta Maharaj (via ashramof1)

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The higher you climb in Samsara, the higher the cliff where you perch; the more the possessions you own, the tighter you are bound. The dearer someone is held by you, the greater the chance he will hurt you; the faster you conquer your foes, the faster their numbers increase… .

Therefore no position in the world is worth the effort of gaining it. Renounce that which only weighs you down: The unburdened mind is joy supreme.

The highest of aims is to follow this path: Body, speech and mind kept stainless with pure self-discipline. Mind in samadhi, both blissful and clear, and wisdom, seeing the reality of every situation.

— 7th Dalai Lama

The Big Questions;
we have to eventually ask them.
They’re terrifying.
Take them to the end anyways.
What you know now has already ended,
it is just that events are repeats of the old in different ways.
You’ve already experienced enough of this old life.
For some absurd reason, you still cling to its ashes.
You want the new? The Better?
You want what no one can communicate to you?
Ask the hard questions.
Follow them as far as possible.
— Philosophy.
If we do not meditate, we will never know who we really are.
Everything you think you are now depends on transient causes and conditions, and in this, there is no True identity.
The purpose of meditation is to recieve information.
The information that we really need is
beyond the veil of this world,
into the Essence, the Innermost, the Spirit,
the Divine Flame.