We have to know the darkness if we wish to eliminate it.
Many things we think that we do not have within, we actually do have, and more.
What part of my psychological country will I explore today?
Just as there is a country outside of us, there is one inside.
The unconscious is very deep.
The doctrine of the many selves is quite true.
We are not one person, we have thousands of people in us.
In meditation we go into the bottomless darkness, to see the things in us that we don’t know are there; these things really are there.
We shine light on them with the purpose of understanding them and then eliminating them.
I see the thieves in me, who would even go to the starving millions and take all their last bits of food. There are so many thieves in the world, so I know they’re in me too. I have seen the ego of racism in me, doing terrible, hateful things, withna great big smile, watching the blood flow.
I see racism in the world and I know it is also within me.
I have seen the drug addict in me also, doing all sorts of grotesque things, with needles and fire, turning my veins into black highways.
I see drug addiction in the world, and with terror, I know it is also inside me, even though I don’t act upon it.
I see the ego of homosexuality in me, waiting for a chance to develop and steal all of my energy, and drag me into more wretched sin.
I see growing homosexuality in the world, so I know I must not allow it to grow inside of me.
That ego of lust, I see that it would brutally rape if allowed, as it fantasizes about acting on perverse and violent whims; its favorite weapons are anger and the fist.
Since there is rape happening in the world, I know that it is in me.
I see within myself, this ego of pride yelling at all of the other “myselfs” inside of me, and people on the streets; The Dictator, demanding attention, recogniton, and loyalty, even by employing assassins.
I know that there are many dictators in the world, so there are also many in me.
I see this quiet and polite person in me, the wolf in sheep’s clothing, waiting for others to trust me, so then I can lie and decieve others to get what I want.
I see so much dishonesty and manipulation happening in the world, so I know it is happening in me too.
I’ve seen, also, this giant dark demon, conceiving and forging weapons for mass torture and murder, in its laboratories and factories, waiting to explode even entire races from worlds.
I know that people in the world make terrible, awful, frightening weapons, so I know I have a weapons industry inside of myself, too.
I see this mind in me, this one who thinks that he is omniscient, and all-seeing, who ignores the Truth and uses spiritual doctrine for personal gain, stealing freedom from others.
I know there are spiritual assassins in the world, who bring themselves and many others into the abyss while promising beautiful, ineffable things; I too am Mephisto, parts of me, blighting souls.
I see the ego of slave master in me too, who would even force labor upon children, and even on pregnant women.
Since there are many slave masters in the world, I know they are in me too.
Basically and honestly, all of the darkness in the world that is now, and all of the potential for more, is within me.
We know we have to stop it, but we have to look at it first and understand it.
profound inner evil and darkness
I know that Death is Alive,
its just usually not awake.
— everyone is alseep.
Why are there still flowers blooming in September?
Why are there things in my memory, that I can’t remember?
Alcohol is not food.
It’s not nourishing.
It’s not nutritious.
Alcohol is poison.

September 17, Augusta Maine

Impermanence …

In the times of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, elementals of nature were manifest everywhere, deeply penetrating our physical atmosphere.
Many are the tales of elves, leprechauns, and fairies, which still abound in green Erin, Ireland.
Unfortunately, all this beauty from the soul of the Earth is no longer perceived by humanity.
This is due to the intellectual scoundrel’s pedantries and the animal ego’s excessive development.
Samael Aun Weor, "The Great Rebellion" Chapter 12, The Three Minds
Those who have true faith do not need to believe.
This is because genuine faith is living knowledge, exact cognition, and direct experience.
Samael Aun Weor, "The Great Rebellion" Chapter 12 - The Three Minds
Unfortunately, people do not want to change; they are content with the state in which they live…
It pains one to see how people are born, grow, reproduce like animals, suffer indescribably and die without ever knowing why.

Samael Aun Weor, "The Great Rebellion" Chapter 13 - Work Memory

There is no value in this cycle.

If we work on the path of the realization of the Inner Being, that is valuable.

We cannot know for sure WHERE someone goes when they die unless we directly experience it for ourselves.
We have to witness it.
We do not decide where a dead person goes.
Really, how can we claim that, “They’re in a better place,” when we have not seen if they actually have gone to a better place?
from one of my letters to a friend, 2014
cleaning dirty dishes in the morning.
kitchen floor is cold after meditation.
continue cleaning internal dirty dishes.
— zen psychology
The physical union of a man and a woman, in essence, is a supernatural act, a reminiscence of paradise, the most beautiful of all the hymns of praise dedicated to the Creator by the creature; it is the alpha and the omega of all creation.” - — Samael Aun Weor, on Divine Sexuality, Sahajah Maithuna
The spiritual path may, in the beginning, appear to be very hard, thorny, precipitous and slippery.
Renunciation of objects gives pain at the outset.
If you struggle hard to tread the path, if you once make a strong determination and firm resolve, then it becomes very easy.
You get interest and new joy.
Your heart expands.
You have a broad outlook of life.
You have a new, wide vision.
You feel the help from the invisible hands of the Indweller of your heart.
Your doubts are cleared by themselves by getting answers from within.
You can hear the shrill, sweet voice of God.
There is an indescribable thrill of divine ecstasy from within.
There is deep, abiding, everlasting joy and unruffled peace.
There is ineffable, unabating, undiminishing, undecaying spiritual bliss.
Swami Sivananda, Divine Bliss: Sadhana

UFO Disclosure Conference from ex-Military personnel.

Major UFO Press Conference In Washington, DC
September 27th, 2010

U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects

Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles

Group to call on U.S. Government to reveal the facts


People, students, and professionals:
The anatomy books are very incomplete.
They say nothing about the Soul.